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Learn with Wisdom and fun

Founded by top cellists in Hong Kong, we aim at providing the best musical education to our students

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About Cellosophy Studio

Cellosophy Studio was founded in 2021 by UK trained cellists Chor Kai Hei and Kevin Lam.


The suffix 'sophy' refers to knowledge and wisdom.  Putting 'cello' and 'sophy' together, we not only aim at training our students as top class instrumentalists, but also to be inspired how to learn systematically, efficiently and fun.

Our team comprises of professors from Royal College/Academy of Music,  local universities' adjunct faculty, top performers and experienced teachers who are teaching in top schools, including DBS, DGJS, Maryknoll, BPS etc.

We are an official partner institute of Stringbabies UK, an award winning pedagogical method for early age.


Our Courses

Why Us?

Led by graduates from the world most prestigious conservatoires, our team has put together advanced pedagogical methods; in pursuit of delivering lessons with solid technical ground training in a fun and encouraging manner.

Our Strengths:

Outstanding teaching team includes universities staff and top schools' instructors

Combines the most advanced pedagogical methods -- build solid technique in a fun manner

Apprenticeships-based course with personalized curriculum

Strong supporting resources , including teaching videos and masterclass opportunities with Professors at RCM/RAM etc. 

Strong network for further study  

Courses offered:

Individual Apprenticeship;

Small Group Class;

Pre-Exam/Competition/Audition Consultation

Piano accompaniment service

Workshops for learners/professionals

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We do not only endeavor in teaching our students to become outstanding musicians and performers. We hope music can remain as a life-long companion of our children's intellectual, character and virtue development.

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