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Our Courses

Are you ready to be a Cellosopher? We provide all kind of instrumental courses here at Cellosophy


 Core Belief

We believe music plays crucial role in both the intellectual and character development of our next generation.

Through musical training, we hope to equip our students with not only solid instrument and performing skills, but also to develop skills related to problem solving, imagination, expression, collaboration, respect and love.

Our Pedagogical Method

Effective Practice and Motivation


We believe systematic training and motivation are the most essential qualities for learning a musical instrument. Solid technical ground and fun should never be mutually exclusive.

With reference to many prestigious pedagogical methods, we have developed our own system for our students.

For junior Cellosophers,  we combine games, story-telling, imagination, music appreciation/singing etc. ;

with systematic technical training, making sure our students build a solid musical ground in the most efficient and happiest manner.


For advanced Cellosophers, we emphasize in the theories behind each technique, general music history/theory; and qualities as a performer, so as to train our students to train our students as performers.


Through musical training, we hope our Cellosophers would ultimately 'learn how to learn', meanwhile to live better with music as a life companion.

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Apprenticeship- based learning

Instrumental learning has long been delivered under the apprenticeship system in European Tradition-- a master (teacher) and a protégé. 


With our outstanding teaching team, instead of serving only as a 'service provider', we believe this system would benefit our students not only musically, but would also foster communication between both parties and teach our students important moral qualities .

Tailor-made for you

Each student would be given a personalized course outline at the beginning of the lesson by our Consultant Teachers, and will regularly be reviewed.

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Support, Network and Opportunities

Our students have access to our video resources recorded by our artist teachers.


Other support includes mock exams/auditions, possible student concerts and coaching with RCM/RAM professors.


Our team also has a massive network both at local and international level, in which students could be benefited from when they are considering their further studies. 


Join us now and be a philosopher of music!

Courses offered:

Individual Apprenticeship;

Small Group Class;

Pre-Exam/Competition/Audition Consultation

Piano accompaniment service

Workshops for learners/professionals

Apart from Cello and strings courses, we also offer other instrumental and theory lessons. Contact us for more information. 


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